Jon Pertwee (1971)

This is a short interview with Jon Pertwee, conducted after season eight had been broadcast. It’s from a UK national newspaper, but I’m not sure which one. As ever, scans will appear shortly after the scanner arrives.

With the ever-increasing success of ‘Doctor Who’, Jon Pertwee can enjoy himself even more fully, skiing and swimming and skin-diving and travelling. And even motor-cycling.

“Audiences like the series so much,” he says, “that from Friday the BBC is repeating the first four episodes in the first series I did when I took over from Patrick Troughton in September 1969. That perhaps will keep viewers happy until the new series starts next January.”

‘Doctor Who’ is going adult, he reckons. “Seventy-five per cent of our viewrs are grown-ups now,” he says. “The viewing figures have been going up and up, particularly since we switched times”. (The show now goes out about an hour later than the earlier series).

“When we come back in January we may be later still, which could have some interesting results. We might lose some of the remaining child viewers, but we could gain a whole new adult audience.”

Pertwee enjoys the role of the good Doctor enormously. “It is,” he says, “the best job on television. I’m working nine months a year with the BBC. On ITV you’d probably get double the money, but not work for nine months of each year. The only thing I would really like to do now is make more movies. If I were invited to do a major international picture I would probably drop the programme. I’m in this profession really to make as much money as I need to do the things I really want to do. I no longer have great artistic integrity – that’s if I ever did – but I like to do my job with sincerity but send the whole thing up.”

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