Rona Munro (2009)

Here’s a small section from an interview with Rona Munro, who’s now a well-known playwright but has the distinction of having written the final ‘classic’ ‘Doctor Who’ story, ‘Survival’. You can read the full interview here, but here’s the ‘Doctor Who’ part:

Rona Munro wrote the final story of the “old” Doctor Who, or the “classic” Doctor Who, as she calls it – as opposed to its wildly popular, cultish reinvention by Russell T Davies. And now the Aberdonian playwright and screenwriter would like something to be known. “This,” she says with mock portentousness, as she munches a sandwich at the Traverse theatre’s rehearsal room in Leith, Edinburgh, “is my chance to say it. I don’t think the Doctor should have fallen in love with anybody. I think that’s wrong. I don’t think there should be any snogging or any sexual tension because” – she gets even more mock-grand – “he’s a time lord, and his companion is but a mortal.” Despite the good cheer, you know she means it. The running sexual tension between the Doctor and his various sidekicks has, she reckons, been “lazy”.


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