Terrance Dicks and Nicholas Courtney (1993)

Here’s a transcript of a brief 1993 interview with Terrance Dicks and Nicholas Courtney, talking about ‘The Three Doctors’ and ‘The Five Doctors’.

Q: Terrance, why was ‘The Three Doctors’ put together?

TD: It was an anniversary show, and we wanted to do something special. And an idea that had come up again and again from fans was, why not have all the Doctors together? So we dismissed it at first, and then suddenly we thought maybe that’s not a bad idea and we contacted them and they all wanted to do it.

Q: How did they get on with each other?

TD: Well, William Hartnell, the oldest, only made a quite small appearance because he was not very well and had to be pre-filmed. You might say that there was a certain rivalry between the second and third Doctors, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee, which worked well.

Q: The Brigadier had to play peace-maker a few times?

NC: Well he had to try to calm the Doctors down, Pertwee and Troughton. Of course the Brigadier was horrified, he’d been used to Patrick Troughton, then Jon Pertwee came along, and then both of them!

Q: What happened in the twentieth anniversay, when there were five of them?

NC: ‘The Five Doctors’, well most of the stuff I did in ‘The Five Doctors’ was with Pat Troughton. By then, the Brigadier was used to the face-changing.

Q: Terrance, you actually wrote ‘The Five Doctors’, tell us about the complexities of writing that?

TD: It was very difficult. You have five leading actors, and you had to give them all a leading role and make them feel important, and of course you’ve got Peter Davison who’s the current Doctor. I paired them off. Nick was mostly was with Patrick Troughton, and they’ve got that wonderful double act, you know, and I would pair off a companion and a Doctor. So there were only really two ensemble scenes, one at the beginning, and then they go off and attack the problem, and one at the end, the walk-down scene as they say in pantomime. Nick said goodbye to them all.

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