Paul McGann (2009)

A lot of people (well, at least five or six) are convinced that Paul McGann will turn up in part 2 of ‘The End of Time’ tomorrow night. We’ll see. Here he is talking to Digital Spy in 2009, discussing the fact that he’s never even met the new production team, and talking about the fact that playing the Doctor is all about the haircut…

Q: ‘Doctor Who’ fans still talk about you returning to the role in some way.

A: Apparently so.

Q: Have you ever been asked to do anything like that?

A: No.

Q: Is it something you’d consider?

A: They’ve got to ring me up first! I walked off that film set in, whatever, 1996, never heard a peep since. Not from anyone at the BBC. I’ve never met Russell T. Davies, I’ve never been down to Cardiff. I don’t watch it, to be perfectly honest. But no-one’s ever called me. I hear rumours. People often say ‘I hear you’re going to come back and do this thing’. Well no-one ever asked me!

Q: And would you come back, if they asked you?

A: Well it’s silly to say ‘never’, isn’t it, as long as you’re still alive and working as an actor? But it’s unlikely to happen unless they ring me up. The same principle would have to apply, I’d have to think it was gonna be a crack, and the script would have to be good. Simple as that. If I thought it was gonna be a laugh, I’d do it, yeah.

Q: Do you think we could ever see your regeneration into Christopher Eccleston?

A: (laughs) Yeah, I felt a bit short-changed at that, I have to say. I’m a bit miffed, I have to tell you… Listen, Russell! (laughs) Chris got away with the short haircut… he looked like a bin-man, didn’t he? When we shot ours, the one I was in, I had a number two (haircut), I’d played this sort of soldier boy a few weeks previously and I had this real short haircut. When I turned up on the ‘Doctor Who’ set I literally had this, almost a skin-head haircut. I thought ‘This is great, this’ll be a departure, they’ll like this’… They freaked! They made me wear this wig out of a box. Horrible. And you know, I was saying to them at the time, ‘This’ll be great, let’s explore his inner… his inner Eccleston!’… I just wanted to keep this haircut. They said no. And even recently, when little Matt Smith got cast, I was highly amused to read the reports of the audition, you know, these BBC types were going ‘When we saw the hair, it was a no-brainer!’, I realised that not a lot’s changed. It’s all about the hair. It’s a hair job.

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3 Responses to “Paul McGann (2009)”

  1. coconaut Says:

    haha I was one of those who was sure we’d see McCann last night!!! Staggering around a burning wasteland, having destroyed the Timelords … sigh … stupid imagination entertaining me …

    • drwhointerviews Says:

      Me too. I guess if he was ever going to come back, that’s when it would have happened 😦

      • coconaut Says:

        I think the final day of the Time War would make an excellent plot for the often rumoured movie. New people are familiar with it, but having McGann as the Doctor wouldn’t detract from the Matt Smith like having Tennant do it.

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