Carey Mulligan & Finlay Robertson

This is a bit of a mix of a few short interviews with Carey Mulligan, aka Sally Sparrow in ‘Blink’, along with some Finlay Robertson (Larry in the same episode), being interview by David Tennant for ‘Doctor Who Confidential’. Seeing as Mulligan got an Oscar nod today, thought I’d include it, despite its brevity. Part of it’s from an interview here that’s definitely worth a read.

David Tennant: Was it weird being in an episode of ‘Doctor Who’ where…

Carey Mulligan: Where you weren’t there? Well we had our connection with you. Our mission was all via you.

DT: So it still felt like an episode of ‘Doctor Who’?

Finlay Robertson: Oh yeah. It kind of increased the peril, because if the Doctor’s not there, how on Earth are we gonna survive?

DT: Did you feel the loss of the Doctor?

CM: Well everyone wants to go on an adventure with the Doctor, and also it’s a bit of a letdown to tell your friends that you’re in ‘Doctor Who’ but this is the one where he’s not in it.

DT: What were your first impressions when you read the script?

CM: Loved it, because my part had loads to do.

FR: Brilliant.

CM: And when you do run by at the end with your bow and arrow…

FR: It reinforces the idea of the Doctor going through from location to location to location, just looking at it from the other angle.

CM: That idea that they’re just passing through the world, and these people have had their entire own story that you’re not even aware of. And you just dash past. It was great fun, completely different from anything I’d done before. I loved doing it. It was about two weeks of just running around, screaming at things. If he (Steven Moffat) asked me, I’d go back.

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One Response to “Carey Mulligan & Finlay Robertson”

  1. Annwen Says:

    Just to say – vote for Carey for the Orange Rising Star – we Doctor Who fans cant be beaten by the Twilight fans voting for Kristen Stewart!

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