Peter Kay (2007)

Here’s a transcript of a brief Peter Kay interview, in which he talks about working on ‘Doctor Who’ in season two:

“I used to watch ‘Doctor Who’ as a kid, but I wasn’t a massive fan. I never hid behind the sofa. I thought the first (2005) series was very good, very well-written and the BBC had actually put some money behind it. It really lived up to the hype. So when they called, I said you. How can you not be interested in a part in ‘Doctor Who’?

“I was originally going to play Elton (eventually played by Marc Warren), but it was too obvious to have me playing a UFO spotter so I said ‘Why not have me as the bad guy?’, and they agreed very quickly.

“The Abzorbaloff is revolting. Totally disgusting. I spent four days in C ardiff filming it. I had to keep chasing people until the director was happy. It was one of the funniest, strangest things I’ve ever had to do. Usually, I have to take on much more responsibility, but on ‘Doctor Who’ I just turned up, went into make-up, learned some lines, played the Abzorbaloff, and went home. Brilliant! Ta.”


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