Happy Christmas! 2010’s Best Search Terms

Happy Christmas! Last year, I took the opportunity to highlight some of the stranger search engine terms that led people to this blog, so in lieu of a better idea, here’s another round-up. These are all things that people typed in over the past 12 months to get here:

People who hate Matthew Waterhouse

Comedy Frankenstein Sink Plunger

Did Gareth Lloyd get a haircut?

toby whithouse wife

wendy padbury knickers

rada +drama +leotard

nicola bryant bust size

eccleston miserable bastard

“tom baker”,jehovah

I want to audition for Doctor Who

Doctor Who screwdriver crow

Will Robert Holmes come back to Doctor Who?

Nicola Bryant bra size

Nicola Bryant cleavage

Carole Ann Ford nude Dalek

Patrick Troughton Miss Piggy


Katy Manning’s hair

Katy Manning teeth

Katy Manning dalek

Katy Manning nude

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