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Michael Grade (2005)

August 30, 2009

Just a short extract from a 2005 BBC Radio interview with Michael Grade, famously the man who axed ‘Doctor Who’ back in the 1980’s. I’m not sure he’s ever really explained why he left the same producers in charge for so long while being so sure that they were taking the wrong approach.

Q: You weren’t a big fan of ‘Doctor Who’, were you, at one point?

A: When I was running BBC1, a very very long time ago, the show was really creaky and groany, and the people who were making it, it was as if they’d never been to the cinema and seen ‘Close Encounters’ or ‘ET’ or ‘Star Wars’, and the production values, once you’d seen those movies, it didn’t stack up anymore. And I cancelled it. I became a figure of hate, I have in my bathroom at home an award from the American Doctor Who Appreciation Society and it’s a horse’s ass, in gold. I made the right decision, I have to say that when I arrived back at the BBC a few years later the first thing they told me was that they’d revived ‘Doctor Who’, and thank goodness because the production values, the scripts, Russell T. Davies’ scripts, the whole thing is absolutely magical. I love it. It’s brilliant, because they’ve brought it up to date.