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October 5, 2010

Michael Moorcock is a great author, and he recently wrote a ‘Doctor Who’ novel, which is a good enough excuse to include some quotes from him here:

“I was already adult when Dr Who started with the sarge from the Army Game suddenly turning up as some sort of time traveller visiting his grandchildren… I watched it with my kids, with sofa standing by… Not always used by me, either.

“I loved the Tom Baker Dr Whos — which is probably what I made Harlan watch — when there was a certain chaotic element to the series. Tom B high by his own admission on valium and scotch was ad-libbing his own lines a LOT, on top of having some great scripts. You can tell, if you’re so disposed, by the way other actors appear to stumble when he either hasn’t given them the right cue line or he’s gone off at a tangent which is cracking them up! I’d always wanted him for a TV version of Joseph Kiss in Mother London. If they don’t hurry up and make it (not that they’ve asked yet) the bugger won’t be able to come from Toulouse (or is it Toulon) to shoot the scenes.

“I also enjoy the current ones done from Cardiff. I think they take themselves a bit seriously (PBS in the US runs the ‘extras’ after an episode — full of people telling you how profound their work is…) and I could do without hearing them make so much of their introduction of what are after all the standard tropes and developments of this kind of fiction.

“I’ve turned down offers to do Dr Who scripts, books and introductions. I’m just a punter who is willing to sit up until late on a Saturday night (here) and watch the latest instalment.

“No fan of the Cybermen, who don’t seem to have the heavy breathing which might or might not have inspired Darth Vader’s in Star Wars.

“Didn’t much care for Daleks, either, though there’s been good attempt to update all this stuff and deepen it, which has improved those stories for me.
I liked their airships, though felt they were underused”.

(A few years later, he signed up to write one of the novels).

“BBC books approached my agent. I didn’t realise David T was, as it were, still the Dr. I thought the new ones were already showing. They are pretty much unknown in France. Not, of course, in the US!”

These quotes are mostly from his Multiverse site, which you should go and take a look at.