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Norman J. Warren

July 30, 2009

This is an excerpt of an interview with Norman J. Warren, one of the unsung heroes of 60’s and 70’s British cinema. He never worked on Dr. Who, but I’m including this excerpt because of the colour he brings to the story of Amicus and Milton Subotsky, the company and producer respectively behind the two Peter Cushing films.

Q: Can you tell me about your involvement with Milton Subotsky and Amicus?

I had a script called “The Book of Seven Seals”. It was very much in line with the sort of films Amicus made.

Q: The portmanteau?

Yes, because, as the title suggests, it had seven little stories. Milton Subotsky liked it very much. Once again, the meetings started, but then they fizzled out. Mind you, the meetings were very strange because Milton had no interest in directors whatsoever. He was more into the writer, the story and, after that, his big love was editing. I think he was a frustrated editor.

Q: He wrote some of the stories for Amicus, didn’t he?

Yes. He was very big on writing. He loved spending time with the writer.

One thing to add: you might imagine Amicus as being very grand, but they literally had a portacabin at Shepperton Studios. It was like two rooms: one was where Milton had his desk, and the other room was for the secretary. She was surrounded by comics. I’d never seen so many comics. Milton was obviously a big collector.


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