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Elisabeth Sladen (1976)

August 7, 2009

Shortly after it was announced that she would be leaving ‘Doctor Who’ in 1976, Elisabeth Sladen appeared briefly on ‘Nationwide’ and was interviewed about her experiences on the show and how she hoped her character would be written out. It’s not exactly in-depth stuff, but interesting to read in light of her continued involvement with the character over the past thirty years. You can see the original interview here.

Q: You mentioned earlier about the fantasy world, do you ever actually dream about the kind of horrific situations you’ve been put in?

A: No, never, but I do have letters from little girls saying “I dreamt I was Sarah Jane and I was being chased by a monster, and my mummy woke me up and I couldn’t get back to sleep again.”

Q: But it’s never actually frightening for you?

A: Well you can’t actually, if you know what’s inside the Daleks, and if they go around they have to push along with their legs, and they wear their trousers down so one particular gentleman wore a kilt, and when you know what’s in there you can’t really take it seriously.

Q: There must be a tremendous lot goes on behind the scenes that we never get to see.

A: Oh, it’s chaotic. It’s frantic.

Q: And when a new monster is dreamed up, do you want to have a say in what they should be like?

A: No, that’s left totally to the designer and what’s required on the episodes.

Q: Do you have any idea now what you’ll be going on to do?

A: Well I’ve got a couple of things that I like to think about, but I shall believe them when I’m putting the make-up on.

Q: And what about how you’re going to finish on ‘Doctor Who’, do you know about that? What will your end be?

A: I don’t actually. I hope it will be imaginative. I hope they don’t just marry me off, unless they marry me off to a monster which would be a call for something different. No, I don’t know.