Happy 47th anniversary!

A while ago I went through all the interviews on this site so far, and I divided them up story by story, with the aim of creating a kind of companion blog. Have I explained that well? Probably not. Oh well…

It’s definitely a work in progress, but as today’s the 47th anniversary, here are the two sections I put together for ‘Creating Doctor Who’ and ‘An Unearthly Child’.

Lots of gaps, of course, but you get the idea of what I’m trying to do (and how bl**dy long it’ll take). If anyone likes it, leave a comment or something so I know it’s worth pushing on with it, otherwise I’ll just stick to posting interviews.


One Response to “Happy 47th anniversary!”

  1. whoever Says:

    Honestly, I think hat new project of yours is pretty time-consuming….

    Well, maybe my suggestion is not exactly what you are aiming for, and I don’t know whether world-press even has this option or not, but what about tag-ing a post’s paragraphs, and then you only needed to edit the tags instead of what you’re doing now. IMHO it would save a lot of time… also in the future. And I guess the result would be quite similar to what you’re doing now. O.c. I don’t know whether world press allows you to tag paragraphs, or not. but with some HTML skills even that might be possible.

    Anyway. Thanks for all the time an effort you put into this blog.

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