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June 29, 2010

Here’s Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler) talking about Daleks, Cybermen and freezing nights in July:

On Jackie

Jackie’s not very good in a crisis. She’s a bit of a scaredy-cat, a bit of a screamer, she’ll run away. Or she’ll just get her daughter to save the world.

On fan attention

A couple of guys chased me in their cars, which is a bit worrying. But on the whole people have been lovely. I have been getting heaps of fan mail, mostly from men. But perhaps I am too old and too mumsy for them to be saucy. It’s more on the respectful, romantic side than the drop-your-drawers side – and thank God for that! It’s definitely been one of the happiest times of my life. It’s hugely funny to film. More often than not you are tearing down the road screaming when you really want to be wetting yourself laughing.

On Daleks

Daleks terrify me. I remember coming on set the very first year that we did it, series one, I walked through the set and came across a solitary Dalek. I have to say, I did back off and walk back round the other way.

On the Cybermen

They’re really terrifying. No acting required.

On Journey’s End

It was weird. It had been two years, and if felt like it was Sunday and we came back on the Monday. You’re thinking ‘What was she like?’, and then the moment something happens, you remember. It’s great being back with everybody.

Jackie’s a little braver. Still frightened, not of losing Rose to the Doctor but of losing Rose full stop. She knows that when Rose is with the Doctor, wild things happen and she could lose her life.

On The End of Time

We were¬† very lucky when we filmed the Christmas special in July, because we had one of the coldest July’s on record. There were times when we were out shivering, and we really were shivering, and it was the middle of July! It was quite bizarre.