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Roy Castle (1990)

July 30, 2009

I should explain: back when I was collecting these bits and pieces, I was particularly interested in 60’s Dr. Who and, especially, those two Peter Cushing Dalek movies. I know they’re often maligned, but I’m sure with a stretch of the imagination they could be linked into the canonical series. Anyway, this is a very short snippet of a Roy Castle interview, he doesn’t say much of interest about the films but I think it’s worth adding since there’s so little similar material around, plus it’s not clear but I think Roy is under the mistaken impression here that the films pre-dated the TV show!

I’m transcribing these by hand, by the way, so that’s why it takes so long, plus I’m imminently getting a scanner so then I’ll be coming back to these posts and adding hi-res, printable versions of the original sources. Until then, enjoy…

Q: In the 1960’s, you co-starred in two Dalek movies, does that rank as one of your stranger roles?

A: I was only in one of them, but yes, it was quite unusual. Very unlike anything I’ve ever done, but I still get letters about it even today, requests for me to sign things and pop them back in the mail. Crazy, far more than I get for anything else.

Q: Do you oblige?

A: Yes, of course, why not? Sometimes they come up to me in the street. Really I had a very small part to play in something that’s become this very big, well quite big, television institution. I was never in the television version, just the films that started it all. Because we kicked it all off, I suppose people want to know all about it, but I have very little to tell them. I turned up, read my lines and went home, never imagined I’d still be asked about it twenty years later.

Q: What did you think of the Daleks?

A: They were brilliant. I think if you’d said to the producer, you must get rid of the humans or the Daleks, he’d have got rid of us humans in a flash. He knew they were his money ticket, I remember that much. I think he was a little bit in love with them. You had Peter Cushing, this very respectable and successful British actor, and the producer barely spoke to him, too busy polishing his Daleks. Metaphorically, that is.